Improving Health & Wellbeing

From developing exceptional apprenticeship programmes to rewarding colleagues who have been with us from day one, we have established a variety of internal programmes and initiatives, built to propel progression and development, while supporting our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing along the way. 

As well as an on-site UK Doctor and Physiotherapist, more than 150 THG employees across the business have been trained as Mental Health First-Aiders, on hand to provide support and guidance to colleagues experiencing mental health issues. As part of their training, Mental Health First-Aiders learn how to spot the early signs and symptoms of common workplace mental health illnesses, offering advice or signposting colleagues to the appropriate support, both in and outside of the workplace. 

All THG employees in the UK are also supported by the Retail Trust, a charity for people working in retail, offering a range of wellbeing resources, ranging from mental and physical health, to relationship support and financial advice. 

Everyone at THG globally can access round-the-clock mental health support through SilverCloud, an award-winning supplier of digital mental health and emotional wellbeing solutions. SilverCloud offers a range of online modules to help manage issues such as stress, resilience, sleep, financial worries, mindfulness and body image. The platform aims to help people learn how to think differently and feel better using proven clinical methods, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). 

In THG’s manufacturing sites and fulfilment centres in Warrington and Manchester, over 40 Engagement Champions volunteer their time to drive engagement and improve communication within their teams. While shift working can bring complexity to employee engagement, the Champions provide valuable feedback on working life at THG, and keep their colleagues up-to-date and involved in Group initiatives and events. 

The global reach of our brands helps to inspire positive health and wellbeing to millions of people across the world. Whether that is through responsible and effective nutrition with Myprotein, Myvitamins and Myvegan, or through natural skincare and relaxation with ESPA, our products are designed to help our customers lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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