Climate Action

As global temperatures and sea levels rise, those living in poverty are the most adversely affected. We have therefore purposely selected six important carbon offset projects around the world that not only seek to restore and protect the planet’s natural resources, but also provide employment, education and positive societal impact to the communities they are based in. These include afforestation in Mexico, solar water heating in India and biodiversity conservation in Indonesia. In Brazil, our carbon offsets are providing vital funding to support communities combatting deforestation, and in Guatemala and Kenya the funding provides solutions for communities to access clean drinking water. 

We understand the huge environmental and societal impacts that carbon offsetting can provide, but we are still determined to play our part in delivering a lower carbon future, and reduce the effects of climate change globally. 

Our next step will be to report on THG’s progress and publish our carbon reduction targets aligning with the Government’s target for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and the Paris Climate Agreement to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 °C. 

We are also taking action to help make it easier for our customers to take a stand against climate change and reduce their own environmental footprint. 

In May 2021, we launched a UK trial offering a new ‘eco delivery’ option to customers of THG brands and THG Ingenuity partners. When customers select an eco delivery at checkout, we use customer postcode data to intelligently assess the most environmentally friendly delivery route. Our partners, 

Royal Mail and Paack, then deliver their packages respectively on foot or via bicycle couriers, helping to reduce the number of cars and vans on the roads and lowering carbon emissions. The next stage will be to assess and understand the results of the trial, before rolling the initiative out as a new proposition for all THG brands and THG Ingenuity partners. 

On World Environment Day 2021, we announced the launch of (more:trees) by THG (eco). (more:trees) empowers brands and THG Ingenuity partners to plant trees in forests worldwide as part of their sustainability journey. 

The open-access platform was created to make it simpler and more affordable for people to make a positive difference to the planet. Its simple-to-use tools enable brands to manually or automatically plant trees at any point in the online customer journey, from new customer registration to checkout and beyond. Working with tree planting partners across the world, the newly planted trees will go on to sequester CO2 emissions in the future while providing significant local benefits today, including poverty alleviation, education, skill-sharing, food, shelter, biodiversity and coastal protection. 

To mark the launch of (more:trees), THG made a pledge to plant 1 million trees on behalf of customers, supporting important reforestation and afforestation projects across the globe. Customers of THG brands were given the option to add a free tree to their basket at checkout, allowing them to make a small change that will help make a big impact in the future. 

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