Our approach to investment is simple – identify exceptional leaders and Teams to deliver outstanding opportunities. Fundamental to our investing is the leadership and management of any asset; often we may invest in the Team but not the asset; the Team in other words comes first, the idea second.

We don’t normally invest in start-up’s though there are exceptions – Order Dynamics was incubated by West Coast Capital from its inception and is now a multi-million dollar, Silicon Valley headquartered world leader in data analytics for global retailers.

But we do invest in big ideas; transformational concepts that move the dial on what is possible – moonshot thinking if you will.

We don’t invest in the parochial and we are never passive investors. A WCC investment is about acceleration of ideas and our Team are active in the development of any investment we make. But unlike a lot of private equity we are patient investors, often staying with, and continuing to invest in, businesses well beyond the conventional seven year PE window.